Screwed in Scranton

Well the so-called movie I was hired and contracted to be in turned out to be a fiasco……….You can all find out in the documentary we are filming about this Indie film debacle……….What a weekend!!! I finally got home and kissed the ground because the production company had not paid our hotel bill, I was one of he last actors to leave, so the police were going to take us to jail. This is after the movie was debunk and there were 10-12 pro-wrestlers and five to six actors sitting there waiting to start shooting…..As I said you will see it all in our documentary………
My wines are ready and available and they are great………..
Many better times to come, you can’t write this stuff……..seriously!!
xoxo Char

One Response to “Screwed in Scranton”

  1. Just heard from Kelli about your trip to Scranton.Yikes!!!

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